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13th Topsy Turvy

My one and only topsy turvy cake. Double chocolate chip cake with whipped chocolate butter cream filling and icing. Covered in chocolate ganache and very thin layers of MMF. Original design based on the birthday girl’s favorite serving tray. See my blog post on this cake at Thanks for looking!


fondant topsy turvy chocolate tree brown cake



I just love all those pleats! I’m jealous of your fondant skills Peggy :)


I want to marry this cake! LOVE it!!!

Peggy Does Cake

Corrie!! I have ZERO fondant skills! That’s why 99% of my cakes are finished in butter cream! Laying fondant on ganache like this is super easy, it isn’t nearly as difficult as attempting to cover and smooth a cake in fondant!

Peggy Does Cake

Kats: What do you have to offer as a dowry? haha thank you! xx


Love, Love the pleats. I see how it would be so much easier than covering the whole tier & looks fabulous!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

I have to say Peggy out of all your cakes this is my all time favorite!!!And the fact that it was for your daughter shows…you can see all the love in this cake! Congrats on #1 well deserved!


Wow!! I love your style!

Peggy Does Cake

Thanks so much everyone!! xx

Stephanie Dill

Most gorgeous cake ever!

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

Love the pleated look!! GREAT job Peggy!

Angel Chang

My fav of yours! It’s so artsy and the top reminds me of a bunny every time I see it : ) I love Easter, chocolate and whimsy lol it’s just fantastic!

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13th Topsy Turvy