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Easter Hydrangea Cake

Wow, where DIDN’T I get inspiration for this cake?! ;) This is the cake for my family’s Easter meal tomorrow! I used Sweetapolita’s lemon blueberry layer cake recipe with lemon curd filling (YUM!) and the hydrangea petals are all piped using a light lemon buttercream frosting. I found inspiration for the overall idea from I Am Baker and used the technique from Glorious Treats (piped all the blossoms using a Wilton 2D tip – so quick and easy!) I then added a green fondant hydrangea leaf to the side :) Loved how this came out and can’t wait to eat it after tomorrow’s lunch!!

-- Becky, North Carolina,

I love it too – I’ll be right over!!! Happy Easter!

-- DJ - Fun Fiesta Cakes

Thanks so much and Happy Easter to you too! :)

-- Becky, North Carolina,

good idea, thanks!

-- Mia of | Modern Art for Classic Baking

You’re welcome! :)

-- Becky, North Carolina,

i love the color..pretty!

-- sweet andel cakes Please visit us on

Thanks so much! It came out a bit darker than I wanted but didn’t look to bad after all! ;)

-- Becky, North Carolina,