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Birdhouse Birthday

8" and 4" alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling.

That is adorable!

-- Carol, Maidenhead UK,

Such a cool cake! Would you be so kind to share how you made the roof on both tiers? What is underneath? :o)

-- Loren,,

Thank everyone! Loren, the lower roof is carved from cake and the upper roof is rice crispy treats. Both are covered with wood textured fondant. Each shingle is an individual piece. :)

Thanks for the tips! I’ve been dying to make a birdhouse cake. Maybe for Mother’s Day! :o)

-- Loren,,

This one looks so familiar. Did you post it on Cakes We Bake too? I know I must have saved it. It’s just the cutest cake ever! You did such an amazing job on it.