Simple Wedding Cake

Simple Wedding Cake

top 2 tiers: vanilla cakes with smbc filling, covered with mmf. bottom tier: styrofoam. mmf flowers. shadows in photo havent picked up the quilt pattern very well! just a simple wedding cake (didn’t have much notice), happy with how the roses came out though as i don’t love making them. client also asked for board to be left silver (sweet! – not a prob!). thanks for looking! :D


beautiful Mardie x I have to do the quilting effect soon and dreading it… not even sure where to start as I have no templates … luck!?? LOL

Wallace x

hey wallace – check out Jessicakes blog…
she uses photo paper as a guide for the lines – is how i do it and works a treat! she is such a smart cookie that one :)

So beautiful!! I love how it is so neat and clean, simple but yet so dramatic!! Faved this one :-)


very classy!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

gorgeous. love the contrasts

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Simple but effective, another lovely cake Mardie :)

Mel, Yorkshire,