Hungry Caterpillar Cake

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This has been on the cake bucket list for quite a while! Made for a school teacher friend expecting her first baby. Thanks for looking :)


Mardie you are producing such consistently beautiful cakes! It’s gorgeous (and also on my bucket list!) x

-- Mel, Yorkshire,

Mardie, this cake is so sweet!!! Love little baby McCormick!!!! Faved!!!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Fabulous as always Mardi. I’m loving the baby.

-- See Driving Me Cakey on Facebook

Nawww I love the little bubby :)

-- Lior's Cake Designs

This is so cute love the baby model straight to my favs! Wish someone wld ask me to do a caterpillar cake.


I love it Mardie…so cute and love the caterpillar <3


Fabulous design Mardie, love it, such a happy cake! Faved! :-)

-- Kath's Cakes

It’s so adorable Mardie! You really captured the book perfectly!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,