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A 70th birthday cake for Esther who is daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, wife, sister and friend to so many!

This was for a surprise party and I had the pleasure of being there to see her enjoy her cake – a first for me.

11" round, 7" square, 6" round and 4 1/2" rice crispy treats gift bag.

I have made a tutorial for the floating gift box lid on my Facebook Page here.

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery


Komel Crowley

BEST CAKE EVER!!! I have to hold my breath every time I see it because the stacking is just flawless!

Little Cherry

one of the cleanest cakes i have ever seen. Its just AMAZING! you need to come back to the UK and teach me :) lol

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Ok Now this and the Kitty are my favs! Can’t choose! LOL



Loren Ebert

This is just so beautiful and perfect in every way. You are my hero.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Absolutely beautiful! Each cake you do is so amazing Lesley! You can just see all the love you put into them!!

Lesley Wright

Thanks you all so much! These are such lovely comments! x

Lesley Wright

You’re my hero, Lauren, ‘cos you have a chef’s coat. I need me one of those. :-)

Lesley Wright

Little Cherry – yeah, right. Like I could teach you anything! You’re one of my fave all-time decorators! (But thank you, so sweet.)

Little Cherry

omg lesley…you so could! I want to learn from you right now! lol I want to learn squares (yours look so neat!) and how to play with rice krispies! PLEAAAASE come to the Uk :) x lol

and wow…thats such a compliment! I never thought id be part of someones favourite decorators list!

Forgot to mention that your colour scheme is AMAZING…because its the colours for my wedding :) x

Loren Ebert

Easy!….. www.happychefuniforms.com! :o) Congrats on making Decorator of the Week. Should be Decorator of the Year in my opinion!!

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

Lesley! This is amazing!! I was just thinking about putting a little gift bag on top of a cake for a sweet 16 party that the parents were thinking of putting some car keys in it! Then saw this! Every detail is perfect! Love all of the different name tags too! Is the lid cake?


WOW this cake is flawless PERFECTION!!! Excellent job!!!


So sweet and beautiful. Love the concept!

Lesley Wright

I’m still receiving so many lovely compliments on this cake! Thank you, everyone! x

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