Little Cherry




Raa Raa Cake

Raa Raa the noisy lion. A show on Cbeebies :)
My daughter calls it (yaa yaa) :)

how awesome is this little boys name!


raa raa huffty zebby ooo ooo topsy crocky lion cake birthday green jungle jingly jangly cbeebies


Michal Bulla

Excellent toppers, great colors. Please, do me one as well and send it via email ;)

Little Cherry

lol thanks Michal. I love lime green so had to use it on this cake :)


this cake is just perfect!! well done on everything :)

Tea Party Cakes

Awww, this is adorable!

Little Cherry

thanks guys :) xx


OMG, this is fantastic!

Little Cherry

thanks everyone! xx

Lesley Wright

There’s always something so magical and beautiful about your cakes and this is no exception!

Little Cherry

awww Lesley thats lovely of you to say! Thank-you so much! Im in awe of your latest cake…amazing! and the mock-up computer designs beforehand are just as good! I try to draw mine in photoshop….they turn out awful! lol

Komel Crowley

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE times infinity!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Fabulous!!! :)

Jewell Coleman


L'Arbre à Gâteaux

cute ;)

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Raa Raa Cake