Caution: Naughty Cake!

Caution:  Naughty Cake!
Caution:  Naughty Cake! Caution:  Naughty Cake!

I stressed and obsessed over this cake…It was way outside my comfort zone in more ways than one.

Big thanks to ArtisticIcingCakes, dulciebluebaker, ConceptualConfection, SweetBee, Valley Kool Kakes, CorpseQueen, and especially BITO for your advice.

I took a little from all your suggestions: The cake was carved from two 12″×18″×2″ cakes. Pecs were made from 6" round cakes. Abs were fondant “implants”. Leg muscles are cake + cake ball mix. And yes, I just had to use a Twinkie in his shorts! LOL!!



It came out good! I’m glad your all done it no longer stressing over the “how will it come out” phase. We all know that feeling :)

Jessica, Kodiak Alaska

Oh Yay! It came out so good! Nice job Loren! Love that you used a twinkie hahaha.

Tiff - MA

LOL – that is hilarious that a twinkie was used- you rock Loren!

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Haha! LOVE it…so much cake used to make such a nice figure of a man….we all know in real life….he would be a bit fluffier if he ate that much cake…..twinkie….hehehe! Wonderful job!

Creative Cakes by Chris

You did a fantastic job, especially for being out of your comfort zone. I admire your courage, your work is excellent. And I am really, REALLY struggling, keep my cheeky comments about the twinkie, to myself!

Psalm 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

Loren, that is brilliant!! I have to make one soon for a hen’s weekend. I am a little scared of carving out his privates. I would have loved to have seen your face while you were taking on the challenge. LOL

Lisa, Langwarrin Australia,