Barbara D.

Jan 2014 62 Seekonk, Ma

the begining

20 years ago I started playing around with cake decorating. Made mostly for the kids during the week. Sadly. I didn’t take pictures of most ( almost all) . When my girls were in pre school I decided to make their teachers each a christmas cake (...

home kitchen

All my cakes are made in a small home kitchen. I do not have a lot of cake supplies but I do make do with what I have. No schooling for this and make mostly for family and friends. Hopefully one day I will br just as good as these...

ideas and 1st time

_Need to come up with and idea for a 3d, defying gravity angel cake. Something that has great flow. Good thing I have till April. This will be a great accomplishment for me. I am working out of my home kitchen with minimal decorating supplies...

Barbara D.