As a child, my favorite game was to prepare cakes, with the help of her grandmother and mother, imagining that in the preparation of these delicacies there was something magical ... From this great passion has increased more and more, as the belief in me that if the ingredients you add a little 'love, no matter what he does best ... and here by this passion was born before ... a hobby then a job!
I should point out that everything I learned, is the result of the experience that I have been passed down from my family and from my great curiosity, which always distinguishes me. They are therefore self-taught, but with a constant thirst to learn new things and from any source ... from books, from the web, experts and why not, even the old lady met at the supermarket ... so my culture confectionery is becoming richer and more rooted in the Italian tradition!
Recently also, I also attended a training course, which I was awarded a diploma in pastry with a specialization in Cake Design ... my great pride that allowed me to make my dream come true ... in fact!
Over time I also called my own style, which goes very well with the typical '50s American. From this time not only was born on my logo, but it is the inexhaustible source of inspiration for my preparations: a little 'retro, a little' romantic. The realization of cakes and cupcakes, for me is first of all an act of love and then a real art, without prejudice to the flavor, which is still traditional and Italian! Hence my motto: "Look American, but Italian taste."
Prepare these sweets for me is a way to make happy the next, satisfying sight and taste! In short, a small sin of gluttony from which you can not leave groped ... Sara


yor cakes are amazing. Congratulations !

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lovely lovely cakes x

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Hi Sara! Fabulous cakes!

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