Hi everyone!
What to tell about me? And about my experience with the creative pastry?
So many things ... well, I will try to be brief!

I was born in Bilbao (northern Spain) but I live in Barcelona (northeastern Spain) since 2003. I consider myself a lover of this amazing city, where I felt at home from the start.

Despite having developed my studies and professional life in other fields, always struck me the world of pastry: as a kid because I loved to eat all kinds of cakes, and now, because I love to eat them, but also love to design, bake, model and decorate them, in short, create them!
See the surprised faces of people when they see one of our cakes, and then the face of satisfaction when they try a piece make me feel a lot of unique sensations. I am so proud of every creation we do...
Who knew? I still remember my first cake to be cooking with about 6 years old in a while I stayed home alone... a 'rice cake "(typical dessert of Bilbao). How I loved ... and I love, of course!

But really, I started to develop my pastry facet about three years ago, after seeing a video on how to make homemade donuts. And something awoke in me; so I started making cakes for my family and friends: for a dinner, for a birthday, for a picnic, etc..

And so until now, until Urb&Cakes.


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Thank you for the follow! Your cakes are lovely and the Koi carp amazing! Following you back to see more x