I'm Hilary Stone the cake designer behind The Artful Caker. Two years ago I was very fortunate to take a class with the ever so talented Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweet and that was my first flower I had made. After that I was hooked on perfecting this art form. A few months after that I took a class with the divine Maggie Austin , that's when I knew I had to make this my job! I went about to learn what I could, but more importantly, what pastes work best and what fondants worked the way I needed them to. I took what I learnt and tried to develop my own style. I love textured cakes and love adding detail to my wedding cakes. I rarely design on paper as most of my designs manifest organically in my head and then just unfold...and for me, that's the exciting part, what transpires before me. This is only the beginning so far and I'm excited to see what comes next. I'm working on some tutorials and classes in the near future...


Hello, here’s a new follow :-D . Your cakes are just incredible and it would be lovely to know a little bit about you. Look toward to seeing more of your amazing work.

Hi there Heavenly Treats by Lulu, I just added a bit about me to my profile. Thank you so much for you awesome comments. I have just started to follow you as well…. Cheers

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you create gorgeous cakes! I am a fan!

What beautiful and romantic cakes!!!! I´m in love with them!!! Such amazing designs!! You have a new follower!


Hi Hilary! Just found you here :)

Lauren, Australia, https://www.facebook.com/CakeArtByLauren

Oh my God!! Such beautiful cakes!!

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gorgeous cakes !!!! a new follower

Delight for you Palate... By Suri