A Whipped Cream Cake Artist from India (South India) .

After 6 years of Crunching numbers in a multi national firm I took up Baking when Aaleya (my daughter ) was just 6 months old. I found it difficult to juggle between full time work and baby and so wanted to try something out of home . Having been inspired by shows like Nigella Lawsons, I used to bake for fun , just for me and my family . I had been thinking of converting it into a business for a while ,when family and friends appreciation was a big boost .

3.5 years and this journey has been a wonderful one , I am a self taught baker and design all my cakes with just whipped cream and use fondant for decor and toppers. I've come a long way , learnt a lot all by myself look forward to more and more learning ,and I'm glad I got a chance to be a part of so this wonderful forum. Extremely happy to be part of Cakes Decor Family and look forward to sharing more of my work with all the wonderful bakers out here .

Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/Sweet-Whisk-135115986680209/


Love your work Karen . Thank you so much for the follow….following you now


Thanks Shorna. .. admire ur work too … so nice to see two bakers from two different ends of the world connect


Thank you for your kind words and follow, Karen! I am completely in awe of your beautifully finished whipped cream cakes and am following you, too!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Sandra I’m humbled , I’m touched .. its like a dream for me , never expected so much love and appreciation for my simple work with the kind of talent that’s in this forum from all across the globe ,but, uve made my evening.. thanks and this means a lot to me , trust me , my hearts is dancing cause it’s super happy lol … Lil did It know ,my cakes would connect me to such lovely baker friends from across the globe. . Praise God and much love ..