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Sweet Scene Cakes

Oct 2012 324 Fort Mill, SC

Hi. I'm Sarah from Sweet Scene Cakes. I'm a part time caker who also works from home in pharma research! I had been doing cakes for a while, but launched officially in 2011 after a pharma layoff and just love getting lost in the cake.

-- Sarah at www.facebook.com/sweetscenecakes


Little Apple Cakes

Sarah I thought I was following you on here, how could I have missed that!! :)

Sweet Scene Cakes

No worries, I know I had followed people but mine haven’t been working. Need to be back to it!

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Sarah thank you so much for the follow…I’m following you now…Enza xx


Beautiful cakes Sarah! New follower ;-)

Sweet Scene Cakes

Thanks Tynka!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Sarah! Beautiful cakes!