Sweet Cakes by Vanessa

May 2014 19 Montreal - Quebec

Cake decorating is a passion of mine, I am self taught and love to bring projects to life.

I am a self taught cake decorator. I started by taking the Wilton Method courses 1-3 and with the help of online tutorials, classes and all the amazing cake decorators out there I grew from there.

It all started 18 years ago when I was hired at my first job at Tim Hortons as a baker. Yes Tim Hortons! It was all unknown for me at that time but I came to learn really quickly and grew to like it very much. Making cakes and decorating them for display for customers to purchase was so rewarding.

Now that I am a stay at home mom and have the time to bake I have brought back this passion of mine to life by creating beautiful cakes and cupcakes for every occasion I can.

-- 😀


Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Vanessa I didn’t know you were on CD..i just realized it was you because i recognized your beautiful cake. ..I’m following you too!

Sweet Cakes by Vanessa

Yes! I just registered. I have been going on this site for a while but had never opened an account. Now I did :)


Hi Vanessa! I saw you on fb via Little Apple Cakes and liked your page for you. Then I saw your link to CD. Glad to follow you here as well, your cakes are lovely! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maggie-Gagiano-Cakes/140263139477251 Have a wonderful evening!

Sweet Cakes by Vanessa

Thank you Maggie!!! Very nice of you!!! U just liked your page and will share it!!! X

AngelaMa Le Torte

hello Vanessa ^^