Although I have worked full time, I have always made cakes as a hobby and as a small registered business. I have now retired from full time work and find that I want more.. Which made me realise giving up making cakes would give me more time to spend with my family and growing grandchildren. So I'm retiring after 36 years from cake making. This hobby has absorbed me for many years and will probably continue to do so, but I am determined I will not take on any more, so I will always be available for that walk down the beach or extra cuddles my grandchildren need me for. I am sure I will keep an eye on future trends but at a safe distance. Now what am I going to do with all that kit?


Hi my name is Suzanne and am a keen sugar crafter. I have been making cakes on and off whilst I carried out a full time job and bringing up my family. I am now retired and can spend time making cakes as long my husband is happy to put up with me (and the mess).


Follow you back, love you’re style :)

Cake my day...