Stiletto Studio is run by Becs Lake, an Australian born and Wellington based baker, painter, and tea drinker. She is an artist, has a film degree, experience working in the media, a multitude of jobs, and has now found her passion in decorating cakes! Largely self taught via youtube and trial and error, she has since studied the early levels of Wilton training, and teaches cake decorating classes in Johnsonville.

Becs strengths lie in creativity, ability to work until the early hours, and the kind of attention and perseverance it takes to hand-stripe 200 miniature sugar bees. Whatever you can come up with in your wildest dreams – she can make it a reality.


I really love your skull cake! I am assuming you airbrushed the skulls AFTER you applied the fondant to the cake? May I also ask what type of stencil you used? Thank you for posting your work and hope to hear fom you. Take care!