I am a stay at home mom who loves making cakes, and decided about 2 and half years ago to make a small business of it. I share a corner of a licensed kitchen with a friend of mine who owns her own cafe and catering company. I'm always striving to learn more techniques and try new things. I love working with fondant more than any other cake decorating medium, and I'm constantly amazed by those who can do such fabulous work with buttercream. I've never had any formal hands-on training, but I've read tons of tutorials, watched videos and attended the ICES convention last year (amazing experience!) where I watched many demos. It's all been trial and error with my cake decorating journey, and some tears and ruined cakes. I've enjoyed all of it, and can't wait to keep learning!

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Love your story Heather and I love your cakes. I’ve also been cake decorating for about 2 years ..i’m a fan of your facebook page and a new follow from me.. Enza xx