Sahar Latheef


Hi everyone! I'm Sahar L, originally from India, but have spent all my life in Dubai where I have a small home based business called When in Doubt, Eat a Cupcake. I'm a fashion designer and have always loved art since I was a little child. I've been caking since 2010, and it was by complete chance that I started baking cakes and since then I've completely fallen in love with baking and decorating cakes!
I create cakes ranging from simple frosted cakes to more elaborate cakes like wedding cakes and gravity defying custom cakes. I have also won several international awards in the past few years and I always challenge myself to make bigger and better pieces of edible art with every new cake I create.
Hope you all like the cakes that you see here in my profile :)

-- Sahar Latheef, Dubai UAE,


Once Upon a Cake by Dorianne

Hi, you have wonderful cakes infact I am following your wonderful cakes. Really wonderful

Sahar Latheef

Thank you so much :D


Your work is beautiful Sahar — I would love to see more!!

Sahar Latheef

Thank you sooo much Simmz, it means a lot to me :)
I’ll upload more pics here :) and I’ve got a facebook page –


Hi Sahar! I discovered your blog today and I love your creations! Looking forward to more of them!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Sahar! fantastic works!


Hi there Sahar! What lovely creations! Looking forward to seeing more of them so here’s a new follow!

Angel Rushing

Thank you for the follow Sahar…following you back because your work is amazing!