Paris & Eiffel Tower  - Cake by Layla A
Alice - Gold award at CI - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
Cake with Doll and 2 D Bunny - Cake by Galya's Art
Pastel rose’s Wedding cake. - Cake by Penny Sue
Maui & Moana cake - Cake by Helen35
Tea pot set- (cake this again collaboration) - Cake by Tasnuta Cake Artistry ( TASNUTA ALAM)
FAIRY IN PURPLE - Cake by Galya's Art
Turquoise - Cake by Aroma de Azúcar
 THE COLORS OF AUTUMN - Cake by Galya's Art
Woman bag - Cake by Anka
Elsa - the Metamorphosis - Cake by Mel_SugarandSpiceCakes
Pokemon cake - Cake by Robert Harwood
Wedding cake figurine - Cake by Michela CAKE ART
Winter Knit Cake - Cake by Valentina's Sugarland
A Tudor Style 60th Cake - Cake by Mother and Me Creative Cakes
The  gnom with whistle. - Cake by Torturicupasiune
A tale with gnome and birds - Cake by Torturicupasiune
Aoife - NYC Birthday Cake - Cake by Niamh Geraghty, Perfectionist Confectionist
Dancing-girl - Cake by tomima
Elsa - Cake by Zaklina
Wine bottle - Cake by Jeaniecakes
Black Swan - Cake by Vanilla Studio
Blue & Silver - Cake by Vanilla Studio
Bouquet Peonia - Cake by Ivan Zavala