I compare creating a cake to witchcraft - you mix the right ingredients to make a potion (cake) and then you wave a magic wand with your talent and skills and make it look exquisite. Your skills grow with the experience and now you are able to develop your own unique style. I took my first steps in Cake My Day SA where we created some beautiful and unique cakes and we got in the Top 3 several times, now I am starting again on my own, hoping for the same success.


Hi Nessie I’m loving your creations..new follow from me :) Enza xx


Hi Nessie, all your cakes are very beautiful and unique, you are very talented

ooooooo lovely cakes Nessie, looking forward to seeing more of your creations x

ellie's elegant cakery

Really nice cakes, good job. New follower!

Dorty Karez

Ah thank you for the lovey comment i adore you cakes beautifully done <3