I love to decorate and experiment. I get asked for all sorts... but love the challenge. Each cake is usually a one off tailored to the customer... I get to practice and learn new skills... however I like it best when I am given free reign to make a cake along a theme....

I love to look at all the wonderful cakes on cakes decor! All great fun and a source of inspiration. Maybe one day I'll get to make one that gets on the top three... here's wishing!!

I recently entered a cake into cake international and achieved a gold award!! So chuffed!


Thank you…x

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine

thank you …

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine

New follower – Love your art…wish my kiddo would do all my baking :) xx

Kristy, Texas - www.facebook.com/KosmicCustomCakes

lol I do have to pay her though, but it’s worth it. Thanks for your lovely comments x

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine

Thanks for the follow Geraldine! Your cakes are fabulous! Especially your shoe cakes!
Im just a hobby baker, but ive been caking for over 10 years now so its just experience really…..this site has inspired me so much. My cakes have vastly improved since I joined CD and my partner is into photography so he gets some really good shots of my cakes.
Keep caking and learning and you will make top 3!

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Thanks for your encouragement…

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine

Cakes Decor share all our posts without prejudice, unlike some social media platforms. Yesterday myself and many other cake pages discovered tsū (pronounced Sue) a social media which is similar to Facebook except that …You can even earn small commissions similar to YouTube if you fancy something new check out www.tsu.co/mysugarfairy you’ll find plenty of familiar pages there.
You will need a code to sign up as everyone needs to be invited. So you can use garFairy or use the search button to find someone you know already there. I have also linked my pinterest and twitter and have my cakesdecor profile listed as website, to help tie everything together.. Facebook unfortunately is not so kind as to allow the link.

More info: www.huffingtonpost.com/david-fagin/so-tsu-me-why-facebook-is_b_8328524.html

MySugarFairyCakes - Geraldine