Sunshine Macalangcom-Batoy


Sunshine Macalangcom-Batoy

Jan 2012 101 UK

I'm Sunshine, I'm a Filipino, a nurse and the best of all, i'm a mom to 3 beautiful & smart kids. 2 girls, 8 & 3 yo & a 5 yo boy, who all loves eating. i'm into arts & crafts eversince, my in laws are into cooking and baking and my husband is the best cook ever, next to my dad. His mom is a wedding cake maker in our hometown. My husband's side were mostly the one who influenced me in baking. As a mom, i always wanted my kids to have a themed party, i want every single detail in their party to be coordinated with each other, from the plates and table covers to the balloons most especially of course, their cakes. each year, i want to create a birthday party they will never forget. They feel more special. I want other children to have a chance to experience even having a themed birthday cake. I'm so hooked in this passion that even in my dreams, i still see myself baking & cake decorating. Keep the passion going!