Marilyn mary


Marilyn mary

Dec 2012 52 Tiruvalla, Kerala, India.

I'm a dentist who loves to bake & decorate cakes!! It's my passion :)
I'm new 2 this magical world of cake decorating. I'm always picking up new ideas & trying out various decorating techniques. Every cake has been a new learning experience 4 me.
I'm completely self- taught. Never had the time nor the convenience 2 attend a baking class. But it's my dream.... to learn baking & cake decorating professionally.
Joining this site has allowed me 2 peep into the wonderful land of cake decorating. I too have found the strength 2 share my pics with you all.


-- Marilyn Mary, http://



Hey Marilyn, we are so proud of your work and your cyber expertise!
All the very best with your future ideas.
Love from Uncle John, Susyammamma and Lacymol

Marilyn mary

Thank u 4 ur kind words ammama.
I’m new 2 all this. Will try 2 put up more pics.
Stay connected :)
Love u lots.