As a former news journalist and mother of two, Marianna has taken her passion for writing and cake decorating and transformed herself into a new aged cake journalist. She loves to blog about her cake and cookie creations and tries to push herself to explore new mediums of decorating, even though some are quite intimidating at times. Interviewing renowned cake decorators from across the globe gives her a spark of inspiration as she hears their stories. It reminds her that in life all you need is love from your family and friends, a cookie in one hand and a piece of cake in the other! Sit back and enjoy the journey as you follow Marianna on a roller coaster of sugary creations! Check out what else Marianna is up to at her blog and on Facebook


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Marianna's Caking Me Crazy

Welcome to this lovely site – and already faved your blogs!


Thanks Judy :)

Marianna's Caking Me Crazy

Thank you so much for the follow!… sending one right back at you! Lookin forward to seeing ALL of your wonderful cakes! … fellow Aussie,Julez xxx


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Marianna's Caking Me Crazy