Hi all,
I'm MJ, a qualified baker from the commercial baking industry & 6 years ago I started working for myself, running MJ'S Cakes & creating deliciously divine special occasion cakes to order......i have certainly found my passion.
Over the past 4 years i have been self teaching as most of the cakes these days are like art....edible art, all sorts of cake decorating skills i have been learning from the challenges my clients give me. I certainly amaze myself at what i can create out of cake and icing. I am in ore of the talented cakers out there, especially here at Cakes Decor,
I am inspired from so many cakers i have met through Facebook, pinterest, twitter and now instagram & google+.
I use to watch the TV shows, but now i'm really inspired by my clients & they drive me to strive for perfection in all i create.
Making my clients happy is what makes me happy.
Thank you for stopping by, hope you like the cakes i have been honoured to create for my wonderful clients.
Much lov,


You are a amazing self taught artist Mandy…. 😎

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

OMG jchuck, THANK YOU for saying that, wow you have so just made my day hun :-) THANK YOU :-) Hard to think of myself as an artist!!!! Who knew i had that in me…not me that’s for sure, i certainly can not draw!!!!! lol
Really appreciate you taking the time to comment here too :-)
Hope you have a fabulicious day
MJ xx

MJ, Napier, NZ http://www.mjscakes.co.nz

Hi Mandy, Thank you for the follow, I have returned the compliment,
Cheers, Sue.


thank you so much Sue, that is lovely totally appreciated :-)

MJ, Napier, NZ http://www.mjscakes.co.nz