I'm a hobby baker, fairly new to the cakey world, making for family and close friends....when they ask me nicely! ;)

I started caking so I could make my parents' Golden wedding anniversary cake in July 2013. I've learned so much, both on the build up to their special day, and even more since.


It’s now just 6 months (eek) till I have to make the cake of the year…Mum & Dad had a very quiet registry wedding service, no cake or reception; so the celebrations for their Golden anniversary need to be extra special! And that means it’s time to get serious about practicing, to make their cake as near perfect as possible.

Starting next week, I’m giving myself a weekly cake challenge, to at least attempt some new techniques…so I guess I’d better start looking for some ideas; unless anyone has any suggestions…?


Love your cakes, new following from me

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

Hi Lyn and thank you, that’s such a lovely thing to say! :)
Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I only just saw your comment!


Now following your beautiful cakes and can’t wait to see more!

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Hi Liz thanks for the follow. Following you too!