Lera Ivanova


Lera Ivanova

Mar 2017 62 Russia, Moscow

About me:

Hello! My name is Lera, I have been doing cake design and sugar sculpture. I was born in Moscow. Since childhood I liked painting and visited a drawing club.. Also my hobby were dancing and beadweaving. In high school I joined a theater club and decided to enter the Theatre Institute . I had vocal lessons. But unfortunately I failed.
After school I entered the Russian State University for the Humanities in the field of "Advertising". Beeng a third year student I married my beloved and we gave birth to our son. That ime I began to make cakes. I made the first cake to mother on her birthday September 14, 2012. I have been making a custom job since November, 2012. Then I attended modeling and sugar flowers courses . But after that I began studying in art sculpture studio . At the moment I teach lessons of sugar modeling. My husband, parents , all my family and friends support me.



I love your work, i will follow you now

Chris Jones

New follow from me. Love your sculptures!! So very cute! Funny story: when I saw your profile picture, I thought it was a picture of you! It wasn’t until if clicked on your home page and realized it was a sculpture of a man’s face!! LOL!!

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

New follow from me. Your work is amazing.x (I also thought the same as Chris Jones,lol! )

Sweet pear

Hi ! I’m watching you for a long time and I’m very glad to see you on CD .Excellent work ! And a huge Hello to Moscow from St. Petersburg!

Calli Creations

Beautiful work, so artistic

secretos verde violeta

Fantastics your work, is amazing😍😍💜💚💜

Calli Creations

Congratulations on CDOTW!! Well deserved