Larissa Ubartas

Mar 2013 96 Germany

-- Zuckerkunst-Soest



Hi Larissa, looove your cakes. I’m following you and can’t wait to see your next creations 😍

Larissa Ubartas

Dear Clara, thank you so much!!!!


Dear Larissa, I have just seen your crackled cake. It´s just amazing. I have watched Angela Morisson´s video about it, but is it possible to use the paper on a cake directly – not piece by piece and then stick them on it?:) Just because your cake seem to be done like that ..thanks

Sweet pear

Admire your work ! Watch from Russia!

Larissa Ubartas

Sweet pear … Thank you so much!!! I love Russia!!


Hi Larissa, lovely cakes. I am your new follower!


Hi Larissa,your cake are so beautiful! You have a new follower ! :)

Larissa Ubartas

Thank you very much!!