Heike Darmst├Ądter


Heike Darmst├Ądter

Nov 2015 61 Germany

Hi ­čśŐ
I am Heike, a Cake Designer from Germany. I live with my husband and my 3 Boys on a Farm near Frankfurt. My Passion is painting on Cakes. I love Colours and i love to design a Cake for a speciall Person.
My Side on Facebook is Kreatives mit Herz.
I make Cakes with heart and soul
Greats from Germany

-- Kreatives mit Herz


Heike Darmst├Ądter

A Cake for the Sugar Skull BakersÔÇŽi had a lot of Fun!
Greats from Germany

Heike Darmst├Ądter

My Frida Kahlo Cake
Facebook: Kreatives mit Herz

Calli Creations

Welcome to Cakes DecorÔÇŽ Your creations are top drawer!!! Wow, what a talented artist you are. Delighted you are here with us ­čśÇ­čśÇ

Heike Darmst├Ądter

And i am happy to be here with so much of Heartcake People!



Jennifer Holst ÔÇó Sugar, Cake & Chocolate ÔÇó

Sch├Ân, dass Du auch hier bist.­čĺŚ

Heike Darmst├Ądter



Oh!! Glad to meet you here too, Heike!!!!! ÔÖąÔÖąÔÖą

Heike Darmst├Ądter

I am happy to see you! :-*

Angel Rushing

Your cakes are so amazing!!! IÔÇÖm a new follower!