Hi-my name is Kyrie and I'm simply a Sweet Treat Dabbler, otherwise known as Just Get Baked. I have a twisted sense of humor and thought "hey, try new recipes and lets face it-the name is one you won't forget...might make you wonder, but not forget! I will say against my husbands "but the negotive connotations" I could help but giggle. No, I don't have any "special brownies" - at least not the way you might be thinking. But if you get a kick out of the name like I do, then you're my kind friend! I've always loved being creative. Paint, sculpt, build - CREATE! If I couldn't afford to buy the item, I always figured out how to make it! So when I found out I could play with my food for kicks - well, it's hard to ever turn back! Wanting to do something fun for my husbands birthday simply got my sugary creative juices flowing! I do this around a crazy busy life and really enjoy the creative license allowed. If I can get all my ducks in a row - watch out, I might just start playing in sugar full time!! So until then, I will enjoy the learning as I go, the trials and errors, and continue to help in any way I can with the experience I have!