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Jolirose Cake Shop

Mar 2013 321 Nyack, NY

Jolirose Cake Shop was launched in 2011 as a cupcake business but somehow turned more into a custom cake business... :) Now I make more custom cakes than cupcakes..
My tagline is "A little bit of HAPPY in EVERY bite" because you can't help but smile when you have cakes and cupcakes! They're just a happy dessert especially when they're all dressed up.
I pride myself in making the best cake and cupcakes I can make as well as in providing EXCELLENT customer service. My cakes, icing and fondant are all made from scratch.
Please visit me on Facebook (Jolirose Cake Shop).

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You got a new fan!:)

Jolirose Cake Shop

Cool!! Thanks Jackies Home Bakes!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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Me too! I’m definitely a fan. X

il mondo di ielle

Wow! beautiful cakes!