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Hi, my name is Bianca.

I come from a real bakers family and I have always liked the pastry chef side. With my own wedding, I found out that there were, at that time, no possibilities to cute decorated tables with small delicacies, in any case, not as I had in mind!

After this I started a search on the internet. I came across more and more photo's to the most amazing and personal cakes, cupcakes and sweet tables. But I also came across websites with all kinds of information, ingredients, recipes and tips. So why not go take care of myself for delicious cakes, cupcakes and sweet tables, since I had such a good picture in my head of what this all had to involve? By now, I have made a lot of cakes, cupcakes and sweet tables for different kinds of occasions. Often for a birthday, weddings, baby showers or just for my own pleasure!

And it is really true, the more you make, the more beautiful, more delicious and creative delicacies you can make. In addition, there are also more and more people who have tasted or seen my delights. And there came more and more compliments and comments that 'I had to do something with this'.

So in 2014, I decided to tackle my activities on a professional basis. I keep getting more clients and contacts who ask if I wanted to make cakes, cupcakes or a sweet table for their party.

And so, every day I am trying to improve my skills and see all the possibilities!

Hope you guys enjoy my creations!

Greetings, Bianca from Fondanterie

-- Bianca from Fondanterie

Hi Bianca! Beautiful cakes!!

-- il mondo di ielle

Hi! Thank you !

-- Bianca from Fondanterie

Hy Bianca, thank you very much for the follow, love your works, following you back ✌

-- Luciné.Adiyan