Dec 2014 4,578 Germany

Rabbit Tutorial

You can find my tutorial on my Facebook page in German and English: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.713933202076553.1073741858.360285850774625&type=3 or on my homepage, where you can download the tutorial as a pdf too....

Veined Wafer Paper Rose Leaves

Working with Wafer Paper just grabbed me since I took lessons in a workshop by Stevi Auble who taught a beautiful open rose. But I was not totally happy with the leaves, so I started an attempt to give them a more natural appearance by...

Flower Pot Cake Tutorial

Materials Airbrush Airbrush colors, white, green and black Bench scraper Cake recipe Cardboard cake circle, 8-inch 1 batch chocolate ganache CMC powder or Tylose powder Craft knife Drinking straw, thick Foam...