I have two wonderful daughters. Through them I started my avocation 2 years ago. The old one of my girls ask me to decorate her B-Day cake with fondant. This was my first boutique cake. It was made from homemade fondant in white and pale pink. Then her friends ask me to make fondant cakes for their B-days. I was very nervous because I had no experience in working with fondant and I didn't know what would be the results. But in the end it all worked out. From that moment order become more and more and I stopped working with homemade fondant. With every next cake I get better at cake decorating with fondant. Today I can say that the type of my cakes is unique and the taste is amazing! :)


Здравей Деси, аз съм също от България но живея в Англия. Много ми харесват тортите ти :)

Здравей Анита,много се радвам че открих сънародничка тук <3 .Благодаря ,но имам още много да уча за да достигна твоето ниво . :)

Desi's Cakes

Тортите ти са уникални!!! х

Hi Desislava,very beautiful cakes💕💕You have a new follow from me😍

Thank you very much >3

Desi's Cakes