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Music Around the World - Cake Notes #4: Happy International Day of Music!

Welcome to Music Around the World – Cake Notes! Today, October 1st the world celebrates International Day of Music! Music Around the World – Cake Notes is a cake collaboration created by Elisabete Caseiro from Betysugarland – Cake Design by...

Music Around the World - Cake Notes #3: 1 Day left!

It’s almost time for the great concert!

Music Around the World - Cake Notes #2: 2 days left!

A big concert is coming! Please stay tuned! <3

Music Around the World - Cake Notes #1: 3 Days Left!

October 1st we celebrate International Day of Music! Please stay tuned.

Star Trek 50 - Cake Celebration

Welcome to Star Trek 50 – Cake Celebration! The first regular episode (“The Man Trap”) of Star Trek: The Original Series aired on Thursday, September 8th, 1966. Precisely 50 years ago! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, a...

Eggs - CPC Easter Collaboration

In the name of the Egg’s Team I hope you all had a Happy Easter! It was fun to be part of this Collaboration. :) Thank you to the CPC team for all the effort put into this! Please pop out on page and find out more about this collab at...

David Bowie Cake Collaboration - Video

All the pieces of our David Bowie Cake Collaboration 2016 are now together in this video. Please watch and enjoy our sweet tribute. <3 You can find out more about this collab at

David Bowie Cake Collaboration

Welcome to our David Bowie Cake Tribute! A group of cake artists decided to come together and pay homage to the fabulous artist David Bowie. Please come to the page and check all the work. We hope you’ll enjoy our little collab! ...

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