Aruky's cakes & toppers


Aruky's cakes & toppers

Aug 2014 152 Salerno - ITALY

Hi! My name is Anna. I can't remember exactly when I fell in love with making decorated cakes, I know it was a long while ago...
I like both baking and creating awesome cakes for my family and friends, but even when I want something special to make my day I bake. I like trying different technics, looking for new colors' combinations and styles, that's why I love making every kind of celebration cakes. However my fav ones are obviously wedding cakes beacuse I love refined, elegant and fairy details and technics. I am a dreamer, maybe that's one of the most important reasons for which I like making decorated cakes; another one is the happiness that people give to me when they see their cakes. I love it! :)

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Aruky's cakes & toppers

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