Art Cakes Prague


Art Cakes Prague

May 2014 381 Prague

Cakes&Dessert Tables in Prague.

-- Art Cakes Prague


Art Cakes Prague

Pink peony cake

Art Cakes Prague

Pink peony cake

For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

Beautiful work, new follower here x

Allways Julez

Amazing works of perfection, Victoria… welcome to CakesDecor!

Art Cakes Prague

Thank You!!!

Sato Seran

Beautiful work, new follower…



Chris Jones

You have such a creative talent! love your work!!

Art Cakes Prague

Thank you! Its a great honor for me to be in the community of confectioners and decorators!

Sweet ObsesShan

love your cakes beautiful work, new follow here and looking forward to seeing more

Enza - Sweet-E

Gorgeous work follow from me :)


Hi Victoria, have just seen more of your gorgeous cakes. How do you find the time to make them as you have posted loads this week. Do you ever sleep or do you end up working through the night. Your cakes are amazing and look like lots of work has gone into the. What the secret ?

Art Cakes Prague

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought the confectioners have their Galleries on CakeDecor. So I downloaded many of my cakes from my Gallery. But I’ve been working as confectioner one year and during that time has made a huge number of desserts. This is not all my work, basically I am engaged in design and organization of the Dessert Tables. You can see some here
But I really sleep a little)))