Soy Alondra Aguilar, y hornear pasteles ha sido mi pasión desde muy joven. Empecé a decorarlos hace algunos años, y ésto se ha convertido en parte escencial de mi misma. Solía pintar, trabajar joyería, y hacer todas las manualidades que puedan imaginarse, pero llegó un tiempo en que no cabía en mi hogar ni una sóla pieza más de arte, así fué que empecé a decorar mis propios pasteles, al fin y al cabo, eso se los come uno, jeje. Tengo 33 años, y espero compartirles de mis mejores pasteles, al mismo tiempo que sigo aprendiendo en este foro con piezas tan bien elaboradas.

Well, I´m Alondra Aguilar, and bakig cakes has been my passion for years. I just started to decorate few years ago, but this has become an essencial part of myself. I used to paint, I used to work with jewerly, I used to work any handcraft you can imagine, but it came the time my wall didn´t have more space to hold my art, and then I started to wort it on my own cakes. I'm 32 years old, and I hope to share with all of you my best cakes, at the same time that I'm williing to learn from your amazing master pieces.


Welcome to CakesDecor! It is wonderful to have you here with us! Very pleased to meet you! Your cakes are extremely beautiful!

Maggie Gagiano

Thank you so much, Maggie ♡. It’s all a pleasure to me to share some of my cakes with such a talented bakers like you all :-D ★. A hug from México.

Alondra Aguilar

Hi Alondra, thanl you for your comments on our “The good the bad and the cake” we like your work too and you have a follower!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Thanks a lot, Delicut Cakes!!! I confess I’m starting to understand the dynamic at this page!!!! But it’s so exciting to see such a marvelous cakes!!! Almost everyone in here is a piece of art!!! ♥♥♥

Alondra Aguilar