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Pandoro and Panettone, Italian traditional Christmas cakes #2: How to decorate Pandoro - my way

Pandoro is an Italian traditional Christmas cake. It is star shaped, so I looked for my way to easily decorate it. Freeze the Pandoro, it’s a soft cake, to get it stronger Then cover it with buttercream and modelling chocolate or...

Pandoro and Panettone, Italian traditional Christmas cakes #1: How to easily make packaging carton texture

Roll the fondant onto a non-stick pad Use a carton sheet of cookies’ packaging Turn the carton sheet upside down and gentily press it onto the fondant, with the rolling pin Gentily press each line with a ruler, to point them out...

Buttercream Yule Log cake & Tree stump cake tutorials

Hi all, here’s my take on the famous Yule log, complete with piped pine cones, mini mushrooms, pine branches & festive red berries. Enjoy! The design is based on the most popular cake on my channel, a piped buttercream tree stump...

How to make Swedish ice chocolate (ischoklad)

Here is a short video on How to make Swedish Ice chocolate (Ischoklad). Enjoy!

How to make a giant stained glass cookie

How to make a Swedish christmas cracker (Smällkarameller)

Making of our Christmas Cake

Remember the little tree I made earlier on? Well its sitting on our Christmas cake now :) So I shot everything as I went along decorating the cake. I had a little assistant to help me in between. Please feel free to ask me anything you’d like...

Buttercream Blue Roses Wreath cake

Learn how to make buttercream roses, pipe blossoms and leaves and create this winter floral wreath cake in blue.