Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

How to use chalks~

This is what I use.. Not sure what others use, but this is just me. Water bottle spray-keep my hands clean for next colour Pallet Knife- to scrape the chalk Little containers with lids- to keep my unused chalk in. I never waste my chalks ...

Sleeping baby tutorial

This is a step by step tutorial containing about 80 photos ...

Constructing sweet angel wings - How I make them stick

Hi everyone! I realized I never posted the how-to for how I made all the gumpaste feathers stick without falling! The technique highlights how I “paste” heavier objects on my cakes using fondant instead of royal icing. I hope this gives you...

Mickey Gumpaste Tutorial

Mariposa Lily Cake Spray

I mentioned in the last post Sydney saw Alan Dunn’s Mariposa Lily cake and liked the look; so I created my version of this peaceful spray to adorn the top of a fabric billow weave cake. Mariposa (or “butterfly”) in Spanish are peaceful...

Baby Gown Tutorial

I had to make Christening Gown cookies recently and I did not have a Baby Gown cutter (I have the more adult version that does not work here) but I did have a Bell cutter which I used and here’s how:

Little sweet girl- my first tutorial

This is my first tutorial, and at this link you will find all the steps to make this sweet little girl I hope...

Dress Tutorial

Elephant cake topper

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The Making of Yoda's Face

This is my First Tutorial, so please be gentle. I hope all pictures are self explanatory :) If not please feel free to ask any questions :) Jenn