Latest Cake Decorating Tutorials

Handwritten Text on your Cakes #1: Isograph Technical Pens for Cakes

This is for those people who are not so skillled in using paintbrush like me. :) Just realized that Isograph Techical Pens can be used for your wanted sharpness and crispiness of your hand-written text and drawing outlines on your cakes. You...

Spongebob stick cookies

Converse High top Sneaker Tutorial

Here is my attempt at a tutorial for the Converse HighTop Sneaker that i did for my daughter. It’s my first attempt at a tutorial, so big learning curve there, so please let me know if you have any questions! ...

Football Helmet Cake Tutorial

I wanted to make a football helmet cake but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. I looked everywhere and found very little help. So I decided to make my own. It’s my first football helmet...

"Baby booties" cupcake topper

Cupcakes #1: Cupcake "cupcake" topper tutorial

Cake Boards #1: York Stone Effect

I received a lot of interest in this cake board for my latest cake which had a boot on it and so have put together a few pictures I took during the process. 1. Roll out fondant onto board. Mix the fondant to the lightest shade of the stone...

How to do the "smocking effect" on fondant

The following video tutorial will show you how I did the “smocking effect” on fondant as shown on these two photos. Here’s the link to the tutorial:

Tutorial Super Mario #1: Tutorial Super Mario

Tutorial #8: Decorating and Embossing your cake board

Full video on my youtube channel: