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How to make a gumpaste Abby Cadabby


Easy Bunting for cakes or cupcakes

1 Start with cupcake edible image disc/circles 2 Choose one disc and cut in half with scissors (yes I know they’re huge scissors, I couldnt find my other pair!!) 3 cut each half into 3 sections, you’ll be left with 6 pieces of “pie”...


Okay I

Accordion cake Tutorial


How To Get Smooth Butter Cream that Stands up to Heat and Humidity

I have be decorating cakes for 3 months shy of two years now and have had many challenges decorating cakes in a climate that is always hot and humid. My little cake studio is just off of my office and I run the AC at about 77F to 80F (...

How to make a Sugarcraft Gerbera

How to Centre Dowel a Cake

Ok, This is how to centre dowel a cake if you feel its very tall/top heavy/ etc There are multiple ways, but this is how I did it for this specific cake. With a little help from my cakey friends :) 1. I cut a circle out from MDF with my new...

Gumpaste Pikachu Tutorial


Moth Orchid #2: Part 2 of mini tutorial on the Moth Orchid

Part 2 – The Moth Orchd Throat and Column The Moth Orchid Continued Making the Column Take a small ball of paste and roll into a tear drop Insert a 22g wire into to pointy end Mold to wire making a point. Not too big so it is a...

Petal cake tutorial

This is my first time doing a tutorial, I hope you guys like and it find it helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions. First, you will need some materials - fondant - a ball tool - foam pad - rose petal cutter (or any...