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Hello Cake decorators! I write because I need an honest opinion … you might take a look at these cakes and tell me what you think? Why I do every time I try to give my best and to improve my work, but I think it is underappreciated: (it’s a problem of visibility or do not like my cakes? Please tell me how you think and help me to understand Thank you all !!!



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miettes ...

Hi there,
I must have missed the Pooh one when you posted it because I don’t remember seeing it at all! One advice on that cake, don’t “soften” the pictures as you don’t get to see the details. I used to soften mine a long time ago but I stopped; pictures must be as realistic as possible, I know it is hard sometimes to do so but we can try!
As for the other cake, the pictures are not softened and I like it :-)
Hope this helps!!

Nicholas Ang ...

I agree… whatever “effect” you’re using on your pictures, you should stop doing that immediately :)

If the cake wasn’t well made, a cheesy effect doesn’t make it better… and if it was well made, you’d want everyone to see every crisp detail in all it’s clarity…

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion) ...

Thank you very much for your advice! Then it is a matter of pictures … I had used that effect to try to make the photo more professional, but I realize that you can not see the details … Who has seen live that cake he’s love, because she came really well, so i could not understand why he was not liked … From now on I will post pictures with no effect, so you can better see my work … :) Again many thanks to you! xxx

Jenniffer White ...

I agree with the others on the softening effect. I think sometimes the liking and comments here have a lot to do with timing. If you post a cake and then someone (or many someones) post all of their cakes right behind yours they can get lost in the shuffle. I’m as guilty as anyone – usually when I stop in I will look at the top 20 cakes and then I will look at the first page or 2 or the newly submitted cakes.

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion) ...

Your comments heartened me … thank you very much, you are really helpful with your advice and always very kind. Thank you again!

Tanya Peila ...

I think the cakes look great. THe pigs head looks a little weird but it is hard to tell with the “softening” effect. I have the same issue. I always feel like my cakes could be better and there is something wrong with them!

christ00 ...

your cakes looks fab. No need to worry more, be continue with your work. You have great skills. Work continuously try to learn more. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion) ...

Thank you for your words…you are so gentle…thanks again !