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I’m looking for advice on how to politely tell my clients that the policy is 50% deposit and the balance is due one week before the event date. I make sure to explain this several times throughout the design and quoting process and I still get asked if they can delay payment of the balance till a few days before the event. Quite honestly, this is getting extremely frustrating and I’m losing patience but don’t want to be rude to my clients…. So I’m looking for some polite suggestions…. Thanks!

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Julia Dixon ...

i just remember those that dont and politely advise they find a new cake artist

Xclusive ...

No need getting frustated & losing your patience dear; as long as your clients are primarily human beings – you are bound to have such situations arise from time to time. Stand your ground and with a big smile on your face, polietly advise such clients who do not want to conform to the payment policy – “it simply won’t be possible”.

Jenniffer White ...

I have a similar payment policy, and I send the client a reminder email a month before the final payment is due. I state in the email and the contract that if the final payment is not received by the due date then the order will be cancelled and any payments will be forfeited. That usually keeps people on task. If not, I call the client for one last reminder a week before the due date. Those people usually pay immediately. I have not had a late payment since I started this policy. You have the power in this case, don’t forget that.

Jolirose Cake Shop ...

Thanks everyone! Jennifer, I don’t have an actual contract but I think I’m going to draw one up for each client and have them e-sign it (most of my communication with clients is via email until delivery day). I think once they know they’ve signed something it might make it a little more urgent for them to pay their bill. Anyway, thanks again! :)