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Please, Please, Please put watermarks on your photos. Let people know who made that cake! In todays digital age people will copy and use your cake photos.

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Michelle's Sweet Simplicity Cakes


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Emily Herrington ...

I started doing this after I read about a fiasco in the forum where someone’s was stolen. I do use other people’s photos as inspiration, but now that I’ve been doing this a little over a year I always try and do something different to make it my own and I always try to give credit to the original artist. But, it’s hard when there’s multiple versions of the same cake on the Internet and no way to tell who the first one was. Thanks for the reminder!

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...

Absolutely agree with Michelle, watermarks today are a necessity. I am like cakesbymimi if I have something within my design that I found on another cake and used I try to give whom ever that was credit even if it is something small. Designing a cake is time consuming and like mimi said making something original is very hard like the baby bump cake that has been done a million times, but I came up with the idea to put the ladies name written in my straps, that had never been done before. Lets see if I get credit for that in the next 20 cakes that come out like that, I bet you I do not. Such a shame people are not giving more credit to the people who inspire their designs. Inspiration comes from all around us but let us be kind enough to those who help with our creativity. Like many others I also post pictures on facebook of other peoples cakes that I truly find outstanding but always mention their names and give fb pages or webpages for that person also if possible. We are all in the same industry here people so why not try to help each other instead of stab one another in the back.

tupsy cakes ...

hello ladies i was looking for something like this give proper credit to the designer ….thanks to your post i’Ll find more confident i do give credit on all the cakes for as long i’ve make mi self as a public baker :) ….i did a antonella di maria snow white cake and send her the pics and a quest for publishing the pics this is correct????thanks patty :)