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I would like to get myself a edible printer, but I am not sure which one to get. Canon or Epson. Any tips.

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sasha ...

i’ve got a Canon ip3600…..it’s handy to have, but it can also be really annoying as it sometimes can leave little track marks through the printed work….

Alecia ...

I have a Canon MG5220. I love it!! It was only $65 at Walmart. I bought the edible ink and paper from icingimages.com. They ship quick and have Great customer service!!

Sweets By Monica ...

It works out Excellent! I purchased the cartridges from Kopykake and use them in the Canon PIXMA MX860. I chose the Canon because of the six ink cartridges. When I use more of one color than the other, I can replace that one instead of the entire set (like with other printers).

@thewhitecakebox I found using Wilton sugar sheets tend to prevent the track marks. Some of the frosting sheets on the market are still just a bit too thick and make the printers drag (i.e. track marks).

I remove the cartridges after each use and store them in a Ziploc bag. I also occasionally use vodka with a paper towel or lint free cloth to clean the print heads and the area where the cartridges rest between printing.