How to make the grooves on the top of a record cake

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I have been asked to make a cake shaped like a pile of records.

I am stuck as to how to make the grooves on the top of the record if I cover the cake in Sugarpaste?

Also they have asked to make the side look like a stack of records. Again I am waiting for some sort of inspiration??

Any suggestions gratefully received

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cakealicious77 ...

To make the grooves you can use a decorator comb, as for the stack
of records couldn’t you slice the cake thinly; cover in sugarpaste
do the grooves ( along with any other details ) and stack them on each
other- or maybe put them in a box shaped cake like they were just
taken out of the attic or something lol! Hope this helps xx

Deb Miller ...

You could use a steel (or plastic) trowel like this one from Lowes:

Or, a saw blade that is only used for cakes, of course. :) … or a serrated knife.

Then, center the cake on a turntable, set the trowel, and turn the cake. You COULD pipe the whole thing, and when finished piping, lay a piece of waxed paper over it, and lightly press down with a flat pan… Then, peel off the waxed paper.
For a STACK of records, you can do the same, and use the trowel around the edges.

Those are my suggestions. :) Hope your cake turns out great!