How to Package Gumpaste Flowers & other Sugar Creations for Sale

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I would like to sell my gumpaste flowers and other sugar creations like bows, baby shoes etc. to bakeries, cake decorators etc and was wondering how best to package the flowers and other creations for sale.

What should I store them in? What should be placed with it to prevent breakage etc? I also saw somewhere online that bubble wraps are used by some persons really cant remember where. Where can you get bubble wrap to buy?


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Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

I am trying to work out packaging myself and am going to do some research online, searching ‘shipping fondant/gumpaste pieces’ and will also search shipping fragile items.

Here in Canada we can usually buy bubble wrap at some of our postal outlets, as well as big box stores (usually where you can buy envelopes & other shipping supplies). I’m not sure where you are, but I am sure there are a ton of places you could buy bubble wrap (or even shipping peanuts) online if you can’t find any locally.

I am going to do at least one, if not a few test runs with shipping fondant/gumpaste toppers, just to see how they hold up. Someone offered a great suggestion to use silica packs (or some sort of a dessicant) to help with any moisture so that the pieces do not soften during shipping.

Good luck! Hopefully someone who has some experience with shipping can give you some clear answers. :)

3DSweets ...

No knowledge of shipping gumpaste items, but… I purchase large rolls of 12" wide bubblewrap at Sam’s club. There are online sources as well, but the quantities are prohibitive for me. (I use mine to ship cookies.)