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I was contacted by Craftsy recently. They had been reading my blog and wanted to sponsor a giveaway on my blog in lieu of a review of one of their classes. I had just purchased Mike McCarey’s Advanced Cake Sculpting class, so I thought it would make an excellent giveaway.

The giveaway link just went live today and I wanted to make sure all my CakesDecor friends had a chance to win a free class! Here’s the link if you’re interested… Good luck!

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I just wanted to bump this thread one last time to make sure everyone that wanted a chance on winning a free Craftsy class got one. By my calculations, there have been less than 50 people that have signed up, so your chances of winning are still great! <— this is a ink to my blog post, the giveaway link is at the bottom of the post!

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Hey Jenniffer I just saw you on Cake Central!!! I also am a member
small world huh?! Xx