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Hi Everyone, I have a question! Hope you don’t mind me asking but does anyone out there use rolled buttercream. I have been asked to make it and don’t really know how it works or if it is easy to use? Does it give as good a finish as sugarpaste/fondant?

Best wishes Sandra.xx

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Sandra Monger Cakes UK


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Pam Bergandi ...

I use rolled buttercream for all my cookies. When I have used it to cover cakes I usually roll it chilled between plastic sheets and then flip it over the cake. It is a little harder to work with because it tears more easily but it is also more forgiving. Small tears can be smoothed away more easily. I ice my cake with a thin layer of icing (thicker than a crumb coat) before applying. The huge plus is that it tastes so much better than fondant.

Sandra Monger ...

Hi Pam, thank you so much for your tips and advice. I will have a go this weekend! Thank you Sandra.x